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Sandblasting And Sandcarving On Glass, Stone, Tile And Wood
Engraving on Glass, Stone, Tile and Wood. 


At Innovative Etch we use the technology of sandblasting to create artworks which are architectural, functional or purely decorative.   Our focus is on working with customers to create unique and personal pieces on various types of media.  Graphics can be provided, or we can create them for you.


In the design phase we leverage various techniques such as vector art generation, digital image manipulation, half-toning, etc.  Etching is achieved using single level or multi-layering techniques and adapted to the specific material.


We are happy to work with you to tailor the actual process to achieve your vision.  Visit the Gallery to see samples of our work, or select the Materials tab to view examples of specific media and see what can be achieved.  Then contact us to discuss your specific project.







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